Maturití otázka(angličtina)- British way of life

British way of life

Foreigners believe that the British are the politest race on earth. They to apologize almost for everything. The start nearly every sentence with one of two phrases : „I’m so sorry“ or „Excuse me please“ .

They do not shake hands, except when being introduced. It is becoming more common for people to kiss friends on the cheek when they meet or say goodbye.

They have good table manners. They enjoy their breakfasts, especially on Sunday(BRUNCH)and almost of all the traditional tea around 4 or 5 o’clock. They are the world’s greatest tea drinkers about 3 and half cups a day. They like spanding their leisure time at home with the family, pets in houses. They live in small hauses with two storeys(detached, or semi-detached) , not flats. Their houses are as his castle. His ideal is a cosy house with a small garden at the front and a larger one behind. An English garden should please the eyes. It’s lawns and flower-beds create a little world to escape from the noise and stress of everydya life. When the weather allows the family will také out a table and folding chairs and eat their afternoon meal outside and barbecue parties are fine.

In Britain everyone loves the WEEKEND, it’s time to relax, enjoy yourself and forget about work for two days. It means a variety of things : a night out with friends for example : in a pub, watching TV, telephoning…..They are also interested in hobbies – paiting, pottery, model building, woodwork or DO-IT-yourself .

PUBS are usually very nicely decorated with lot of wood, pictures, old furniture or flowers and signs. They are very strick laws. Only people of 18 and over are allowed to drink alcohol. The pubs are not only for drinking beer. Most pubs have a dart board . They have darts team which play matches against teams from other pubs. It’s very popular in Britain . CIDER is alcoholic drink made from apples. Usually are sold in pint or half-pint glasses(a pint is more than 0,5 litre)

The old-women like playing BINGO.

The British are said to be the only people on earth to have the world which

means “STANDING IN LINE“ . It’s a QUEUE / kju: /

the British queue for everything – for public transport and toilet, in restaurant, in shops, at the bar, outside cinemas to buy ticket.

English women don’t spend a lot of time on housework. It’s common to see husband helping with cooking and washing up. On sunday they get up late and it’s a good start for a happy day. Simply they are less stressed and in less of a hurry.

Children start their own life at the ages of 19 or 20. Parents give them more independence.

They work 5days a week, it’s about 39-40 hours fo
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